Praxis Projects has completed a wide variety of projects which include: a six storey building consisting of 102 units, a full title complex consisting of 62 houses, sectional title double storey blocks with 121 units as well as converting an existing

Clients, to name a few, include Denel Properties, Mercedes Benz Commercial, Fiat, Nestle, Bliss Chemicals, Business Partners and Southnet Properties. Projects include retail, warehousing, factories, showrooms, manufacturing plants, etc. Designs inc

Various office buildings have been completed to client's needs.               

We offer a complete service including independent engineering designs. Alternatively, we can quote directly from your engineer's design. Our 'in situ' concrete service includes slabs, staircases, columns, beams, gutters, walls, coffer slabs, co

Development services applicable to unzoned land, zoned land, proposals, estimates, return on investment or own capital, forecasts, etc, are provided. Project Management including the professional team or the project only. Completion of previously i